Next SIM: TBA (post draft)

SIM Checklist (What you should be doing)

– Download the file!

– Install the game and extract the league file to your saved game folder (exact same way you would for OOTP). Let me know if you need help with this.

– No export required!

– You should have all received a message from me either on the forums or Slack with your password to login to your team.

– Review the draft pool. There is also a link to it here which contains little information on the players except for the general ability rating. We will be using that spreadsheet to simply track who is left in the pool. You will want to review the players and their positions in the game as the scouts have already revealed ratings on these players.

– See what personnel and owner the CPU has assigned to you (navigate to personnel under team). We all have staff with mediocre talents. If you want to make changes to the staff, you can do this after the draft.

What’s Next?

– The draft order in the game is INCORRECT. We will be holding a draft lottery to determine the official draft order TOMORROW on a podcast!

– Once the draft order is announced tomorrow, I will post a draft thread with the draft rules and expectations. We can unofficially start the draft once the team with first overall pick is ready but we will set a “draft clock” on Monday.

– The current in-game date is August 15th 1979, which is the date of our inaugural league draft.

– Once the draft is complete, I’ll post a file with the date of August 16th 1979, which will contain everybody’s full roster. You will get acquainted with your team (set lines, captains, etc), fire/hire any staff, sign any undrafted free agents and begin to set your game planning strategies. We will SIM twice before we start the preseason.

– Preseason games start: September 6th 1979 and the regular season starts on September 20th 1979.

– There will be no offseason period or amateur draft until the Summer of 1980.


– Where is my team logo and jersey? We will be putting together an image pack in-time for the regular season.

– I cannot see the in-game menu very well. I can change the colors accordingly for you. You should have a color that is somewhat tied to your current team’s colors.

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