1979-80 Preseason SIM 2 – Next SIM: Mon 2/5

Next SIM Mon 02/05
Files due by 8am EST.

In-game Date: September 1st 1979.

Financial changes in this file

In order to get everybody compliant with the salary cap and their owners budget. I had to make the financial changes discussed in Slack.

It’s important that every team has some positive $ to sign FA’s throughout the season in case goalies get injured and you have to sign a new one. I wouldn’t be able to proceed the sim otherwise. We had to use a capped table below. Initially I thought Round 10 would solve the problem based upon our spreadsheet projections but after making the changes in the game, it was apparent this had to be extended to the 8th round. There are a few notes after the table.

Players drafted from round 8 to 25 have had their salaries capped:

Round 8 $2,000,000
Round 9 $2,000,000
Round 10 $1,600,000
Round 11 $1,600,000
Round 12 $1,600,000
Round 13 $1,600,000
Round 14 $1,500,000
Round 15 $1,400,000
Round 16 $1,300,000
Round 17 $1,200,000
Round 18 $1,100,000
Round 19 $1,000,000
Round 20 $900,000
Round 21 $800,000
Round 22 $700,000
Round 23 $600,000
Round 24 $600,000
Round 25 $600,000

I had to make an exception with the CPU controlled NY Raiders and changed their 7th round pick Ryan Mainville to $2M per year.

I did not adjust Quebec, Hamilton or Detroit as we were closest to the floor prior to the changes.

SIM Checklist (What you should be doing)

– Download the updated file!

– SAC & TOR need to extend offers to Minor League players or else the CPU will auto them as we approach the season.

– Double check your first 25 round draft to make sure it matches the spreadsheet! Please double check to see if the salary adjustments are accurate. Took me a couple hours to do this so I think its very accurate but another set of eyes always help.

– Right click on your players name in the roster screen to start assigning who is your captain and what various player roles you want to assign. You also might want to assign jersey numbers to some of your guys.

– Start building your lines or have the AI set them up for you by clicking action under the lines menu.

– Start building your tactics and strategies.

– EXPORT! I need an export from everybody. To export, you might click “Manager” at the top. Then click “Manage Online League”. Then “Create Team File” and then “Click Upload”. You will get an error on the first try. Hit upload again and it should go through. You can check your export status here: http://www.blhsim.com/tools/?dir=exports

– Preseason games start on Monday.

What’s Next & SIM Schedule

Mon 2/5 – Preseason 3 (includes games) – Sept 1st to Sept 8th
Wed 2/6- Preseason 4 – (includes games) – Sept 9th to Sept 17th
Fri 2/9 – Regular Season SIM 1 – Sept 18th

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