Next SIM Tues 02/27 AM
Files due by 7am EST.

In-game Date: Nov 23rd 1979

– Download the updated file!


– File is up

– HTML, schedule/results is up

– All exports successful

Injuries too serious to play through which resulted in the AI assistant changing lines, which also changes the tactics for that line (when they are healthy make sure to dress them and put them back in the lineup and adjust tactics!)

Dal – Lahovsky, Saastamoinen Hank
Que – Goosen JJLinn
Buf – Milner, Ivanchuk Jake
Sac – Lefebvre Delandis

I turned off notifications on Minn and NY, so if they have injuries they are fixed automatically.

What’s Next & SIM Schedule
Another 7 full days will be simulated!

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