In-game Date: October 10th 1980

Next SIM: Fri 04/27 AM

– Download the updated file! (click the file to download)


– File/HTML is up

– All exports successful!

– Quebec has been put on auto. If he continues to be unresponsive, we’ll seek a new GM.


– Jake – Hanna injured for 3 days. Swapped him out for one of your other LW’s. You will want to put Hanna back in his original spot before the next sim.

– PaulC Fortier injured for 6 months with a fractured elbow! Called up Cliche in the Minors to back up Pearce, Fortier is scratched. I had to send down Nicholshen and Payton in order to make you below the CAP both were scratched on your pro team. I suggest putting Fortier on the injury list.

– BradZ sent down Riha on Oct 5th, as it said you were 26/25 for whatever reason. Same day I made the goalie swap for you. Beasley was hurt on Oct 9th for 9 months! Scratched him and put Herrick in his place.

– Pat sent down Ferrell as you were 26/25 on Oct 5th. I’m assuming because of a signing. Sorensen was injured on the 7th for 3 weeks. Put Nickerson in his place. Garceau was also injured on the 9th for 3 weeks. Dressed Strachan in his place. Chauncy was also hurt for 2 days so had to call up another goalie to backup the other guy. You were running out of players to send down so I had to send Chauncy down and call up McGuire. I suggest you place some guys on the injury list.

– Delandis – Klepacek is injured for 3 days so I swapped him out with another winger. You will want to put him back in the lineup before the next sim. Injury occurred on Oct 4th.

What’s Next & SIM Schedule

Another 10 in-game days will be simulated!

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