In-game Date: November 19th 1980

Next SIM: Fri 05/05 AM

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– File/HTML is up

– All exports successful!


– Hank – backup goalie was injured.

– Matt – C Gage Johnson only injured for 3 days. All C’s moved up a line and D’Oliveria dressed for 4th line. Gagne hurt for 3 weeks so I brought back the healthy Gage Johnson in his place.

– Pat – Nickerson injured for 5 days. You will want to dress him in the new file. Ferrell dressed in his place as he’s the only winger you have left on the bench. Moving everybody up a line and putting Ferrell on 4th line.

– Delandis – Savard injured for 8 days. Moved everybody up a line and put Cullimore in on the 4th line.

– PaulC – Morrison injured on the 18th for 7 months! Bowell dressed in his place.

– Sully – Jennings injured for 4 weeks. Schatz dressed in his place.

– BradZ – Craddock injured for 3 weeks on Nov 18th. Ducquette dressed in place.

What’s Next & SIM Schedule

Another 10 in-game days will be simulated!

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