In-game Date: December 9th 1980

Next SIM: Wed 05/09

– Download the updated file! (click the file to download)


– File up – HTML later

– All exports successful!

– Shark – you had incomplete lines. Please make sure all lines are completed. (LW on 4th line was empty as an example)


– Sharkn20 – Moyer injured. The AI also had to make changes because your Minor League team was incomplete (not enough players).

MSO94 – Christian injured.

– PaulC – Samoridny injured, Castriota only player available on your bench. You might want to call up some more players (pending you have CAP space). As if there is another injury, the AI will make the call up for you.

What’s Next & SIM Schedule

Another 10 in-game days will be simulated!

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