1980-81 Regular Season SIM 1 – Next SIM: WED 04/25

In-game Date: September 30th 1980

Next SIM: Wed 04/25 AM

– Download the updated file! (click the file to download)


– File/HTML is up

– All exports successful!

– Quebec has been put on auto. If he continues to be unresponsive, we’ll seek a new GM.

– Delandis Sacramento’s Stockton Farm Team did not have enough players so the AI made the necessary changes so you can field a team! This may or may not have affected your pro team.

– BradZ on Sept 24th, your team was over 25 players. Maybe it was because somebody came off the injury list? I’m not sure. So I sent down Turresson, who was scratched.


– Jake – G Gagne was injured for 3 weeks. Called up Horak to back up Jost.

– PaulC Cline injured for 4 weeks. I dressed your only other winger, Vacher and put him in his place.

– Pat Brewton injured for 3 weeks. Called up Chauncey to backup Hughan. Sent down MacAbre in his place as I scratched Brewton and did not place him on injury list. Vancouver had to be optimized because you only had one goalie, so they have signed one for you and made line changes.

What’s Next & SIM Schedule

Another 10 in-game days will be simulated!

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