Next SIM: TBA – when playoff teams are ready!

In-game Date: Mar 25th 1980

– Download the updated file!


– File is up

– HTML, schedule/results is up

– 6 exports successful, DET & DAL had invalid team files.

– Minn Matt had 26 players on their roster so I was forced to send down Harry Mann (your lowest rated scratched player).

– On – I will be putting a 1979-80 section under “History” and we’ll store all the old HTML there.

Injuries too serious to play through which resulted in the AI assistant changing lines, which also changes the tactics for that line (when they are healthy make sure to dress them and put them back in the lineup and adjust tactics!)

Que – JJLinn – Goosen / Schulmistra

Playoffs Seeding


What’s Next & SIM Schedule
The playoff schedule is a little funky because there is 2 days between each playoff game. I would suggest that we sim to 04/01 in-game which will cover the first 4 games of the series. I am assuming these are best of 7 games. I don’t see anywhere that it says other wise.

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